Thursday, March 24, 2005



The Gotti's are keeping busy, stretching that 15 Minutes of fame like horsehair -- no disrespect intended, Mrs. Gotti -- on a violin bow (whew!). According to Fashionweekdaily:

"All things considered, it wasn�t such a bad night for Monique Lhuillier. Sure, the weather�a sleet storm that brought slush and high winds�could�ve been more pleasant; and a bundled-up Victoria Gotti and her son, Carmine�who were waiting for their car outside the same Saks doors guests were asked to enter in�left many of the partygoers in awe ('Did you see her? That�s Victoria Gotti,' one whispered)."

And that's not all Mrs. Gotti's up to since being fired -- no disrespect intended -- from The Star, according to The Old Gray Lady:

"And (singing and dancing) was apparently enough to land Ms. Gotti a part in 'We're Still Hot' an Off Broadway musical that opened late last month at the Theater at St. Luke's on West 46th Street. Ms. Gotti - daughter of the mob boss John Gotti - asked to audition for the musical and won over producers with a tentative soprano, a lithe body and a willingness to try anything once."

Hmm. You think that's all that won the producers over? Don't you think a little anxiety over "the unions," or, better, the possibility of a little "horsehead-on-the-pillow" scenario playing itself out -- no disrespect intended -- might have tilted things in her favor a tad more than that "tentative soprano," (Averted Gaze) or allegedly lithe body. No disrespect intended by the gaze there, baby; The Corsair was just ... doing his, uh, Chinese eye excercizes. Yeah. Thats what The Corsair was doing.

Finally, according to the Post:

"In the tony Long Island town where a family fell victim to a brazen $120,000 home invasion, upper-crusters are sniffing that their exclusive enclave has been invaded by an unseemly element � fans of 'Growing Up Gotti.'"

Who are, no disrespect intended, only slightly higher on the evolutionary scale than fans of Michael Bolton, but decidedly lower on the Great Entertainment Food Chain than fans of Menudo. ("Your love hits me like a cannonball ...")

"'There's all this riff-raff coming here because of the Gotti show,' said one Old Westbury woman, referring to the the A&E Network reality drama, which is filmed at Gotti's mansion.

"'They hang out and drink and make noise and throw the bottles everywhere,' said the resident."

And something tells me we are not talking about Chateau D'yquem here.

"Others agree crowds of rowdy youths sometimes guzzle bottles of beer on their manicured lawns in hopes of catching a glimpse of the 'Gotti Hotties' � The Dapper Don daughter's three teen sons."

There's no accounting for taste. In adult beverages or in low grade pieces of ass. No disrespect intended, of course.

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(S)wine said...

Amen brother. Those Gotti boys are first class edjits--looks and all.