Thursday, March 17, 2005

L Word Haiku

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Rosie O'donnell is at it again, throwing down some serious verse, sinuous lines, channeling her --uhm -- "inner Sappho," or, as we like to call what it is that she does, "L-word Haiku," witness, from the Rosie blog:

"bette has just screwed a stranger

"drunk in ny one time....... ok � well

"she had a tool beltits understandable

"once (for tv)but now

"check please"

Poignant. (The Corsair draws on a mellow, mature Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur cigar) And:

"tina walks with el nina i miss marina

"jenny w/ shane is gonna rock and new carmen

"is scary hot"

Of course, this is cause for sharp witty snark over at the Datalounge (and we would expect nothing less):

"This blog is not fiction. It is linked on her official homepage or whatever. I like Rosie. I think she is cool. Back off."

"thank you SO much! I never knew Rosie O'Donnell had a blog."

"Is your life complete now? You can get your daily 'fix' of incoherent, bitter rants. I'm so happy 4 u."

"I like Rosie, love that she has a blog ... but why does she write everything in verse? That's slightly annoying."

"Rosie needs to get back on her meds. "

At least Ms. Magazine loves Rosie (Ms)

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