Monday, March 07, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out

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In: "(Bloggers) are remoras." Oh, Kurt. How could you? In New York Magazine, the Elder Brother of The Media Elite (and idle blogger), Kurt Andersen offers up, archly, among other choice morsels, "For now, bloggers are a second-tier journalistic species. They are remoras. The Times and CNN and CBS News are the whales and sharks to which Instapundit, Kausfiles, and Kos attach themselves for their free rides."

Ouch! And --prithee -- what was Spy? Does not a snarky wit account for much? Whither the bloggers, Kurt?

Still, Andersen's quixotic 19th Centurification of the Cosmos is worth reading, if only as a primer as to what happens when one's book research into a previous and not uninteresting era results in a sudden ... Victorianizing of the sensibilities of said author.

The author is attacked from various media quarters, huzzah. The author rebuts, always, to be sure, following Marquis of Queensbury Rules.

We still love you, Kurt. Come back.


Out: The Vortex of Elijah Wood's Eyes. It nearly happened. It could have happened. It didn't. But it almost did. I'm just saying!

What is to be done? We nearly lost another innocent New Yorker to Elijah Woods' haunting, piercing aquamarine sparklers of what can only be properly construed as: "joy of man's desiring." According to a hapless Gawker Stalker:

"Saw Elijah Wood in the Jet Blue terminal at JFK last Friday afternoon (2/25). He?s short and slim, and was wearing a gray button down, an olive wool zip jacket and worn, red Chuck Taylors. He was with a petite blonde alterna-cutie and a couple equally hip guy friends(?). Evidently getting on a flight to West Palm, my friend made eye contact with those incredible blue eyes and was nearly pulled into the Vortex."

Death be not proud. Resist the vortex, Oh proud, sweet Gawker stalker ... resist!

When will Elijah muzzle the dazzling, mesmerific effects of those limpid pools of clear mountain springwater? When will he don wrap around Ray-Bans? Only after it's too late, we imagine, in the wake of Elijah peeper tragedy.

In:Ana Marie Cox. Famous-for-DC blogger Ana Marie Cox gets a pretty photo spread for Lucky. We wonder how she found the time in between all those Topic A and other high profile appearaces. And the book deal -- we cannot forget the book deal. Ana's blog hand is strong Holla!

Out: Sandra Bullock. According to Contactmusic:

"Hollywood beauty SANDRA BULLOCK changed her attitude to stress after it started damaging her health.

"The strain peaked when Bullock, 40, produced and starred in TWO WEEKS NOTICE opposite British heart-throb actor HUGH GRANT.

"The sexy brunette recalls, "The stress would literally ..."

The Corsair would like to abruptly preempt this Sandra Bullock posting because, quite frankly, he just doesn't give a fuck.

In: Restraint. All points bulletin out for As Four, who commited the following social misdemeanor, according to Fashionweekdaily:

"The chic gunslingers were Jeremy Scott and Kai (ex of As Four) who squared off in the dance floor of the basement Ritz Club.

"It felt like a sequel to Paris Is Burning, the 1990 underground classic documentary of 'drag nights' among New Yorkers into competitive Vogue-ing.

�'Okay, let�s rock!' yelled Scott has he pogo-ed and jived with guys and gals in the miniature circle. Attired in an ice hockey shirt, the L.A.-based designer was the most energized party animal at the event, outside of which fashion groupies begged, pleaded and screamed to be let in."

(Averted Gaze)

"Ritz staff kept the numbers tight, individually clicking in every guest.'Okay, people let�s party,' screamed Kai who circled around Scott�s pack for a good hour raising his arms and hands like a wasted toreador."

Okay, people, let's not.

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