Saturday, March 05, 2005

Jennifer Beals Would Not Do Angelina Jolie. Damn!

(Link via bjalli)


The sun shines just a vague touch dimmer today, according to ContactMusic:

"Actress JENNIFER BEALS would steer clear of Hollywood temptress ANGELINA JOLIE if she was a real-life lesbian.

"The FLASHDANCE icon admits she would marry her THE L WORD co-star KELLY LYNCH if she was aroused by members of her own sex - but she would have no desire to get intimate with the GIRL, INTERRUPTED actress.

"Beals - who plays a lesbian in the hit TV show - says, 'She's the last person I'd marry, or anybody should think about marrying. I mean, come on.'"

Emphatic Florida Evans, "Damn ... Damn ... Damn!"


Empowerqueen said...

Warriors at play!

The Corsair said...

you guys are too funny. I think sex with Jolie would be a ... genuinely disturbing experience in the way that a Bergman movie is disturbing, but enlightening. I envision her making noises in minor keys reminiscent of the Madagascar bush at night during wet season. An aquired taste. You guys with the jolie lips comments made me choke on my coffee

Anonymous said...

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