Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Opening at the Bijou ...

(link via Fleshbot via Drunkenstepfather)


Above: It is The Corsair's considered view that joy reigns supreme in the universe.

Rush and Molloy comment:

"Runaway Nipple! Bijou Phillips did her best to behave at the PSP PlayStation Portable fashion show in West Hollywood Monday night, but her breast had a mind of its own - escaping from her green DVF tunic while she waltzed the runway..."

From this Saturday's hungover Corsair blog:

"We need to 'liaise' with Bijou Philips. The Corsair likes his women a little 'hard to handle.' Crazy girls are incredible in the boudoir, you know ... We would seriously like to knead Bijou's breasts like sour dough. We believe, through repeated observation, that they appear -- ahem -- structurally capable of withstanding such intimate attentions."

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