Thursday, March 24, 2005

Nas, Thwarted at the Velvet Rope


We've seen Lil Kim shrugged; Fitty Cent sales slowed; Now, Nas in the UK. The violence in hip hop issue has taken on an international patina, sprinkled with random gunfire and veined with balacavas. According to the 3AM Girls:

"First (Nas') Monday night gig at London's Brixton Academy was cut short when a gunman suddenly opened fire in the audience.

"Then 31-year-old Nas, who is over here promoting his new single Just A Moment, twisted his ankle jumping into the crowd to see what was happening."

Of the shooting the BBC reports:

"Det Supt Jon Bishop said: 'There is nothing to suggest that this man got up on to the stage.

"'We have witnesses who saw a man, wearing a balaclava, move away from the crowds and stand behind a pillar - near to the bar area - before he discharged two bullets.'"

Probably not a good idea to allow people wearing balaclava's into a concert, unless, of course, they are Ninjas, or Zapatistas or Chechen rebels. Balaclava's reek of bad intention. Back to the 3AM Girls:

"Now we hear that his night out on Tuesday - with his wife Kelis, his mate Beanie Man, and their entourage - was ruined when they were refused entry at hip West End nightclub Cirque.

"Our spy says: 'They tried to get in a side entrance - they obviously didn't want to queue with the common people. But the club was having none of it.

"'When Nas tried the main entrance, the bouncers wouldn't let him in. He was furious. He's a massive name in the States and is used to VIP treatment. It was a huge embarrassment for him.'"

The Corsair can appreciate the decision. Anyone accompanying an adult who operates under the name of "Beanie Man" shows poor taste (a taste too poor to fully hash out here) and may, it could be argued, generally stink up the joint.

"A spokeswoman for Cirque confirmed that Nas and his pals had been refused entry.

"She said: 'After all the trouble at Nas's concert it was decided, for security reasons, it would be better if they didn't come in.'"

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