Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Why You Wont Be Seeing Aisha Tyler Doing "The Tootsie Roll" Any Time Soon

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She broke a thousand hearts in the pages of Maxim. She tore down barriers on Friends. But Aisha Tyler, with her degree in Government from Dartmouth, is not a hoochie. (The Corsair pauses nagestically to savor a "naive" glass of Chateau d'Yquem Vintage 1995) According to Contactmusic:

"Former FRIENDS star AISHA TYLER refused to wear hotpants when she starred in rapper TWISTA's SLOW JAMZ video alongside KANYE WEST and JAMIE FOXX.

"The 34-year-old beauty was excited about appearing in the music promo, but wasn't prepared to degrade herself by becoming a hip-hop stereotype."

Damn. Kidding!

"She says, 'My only condition was that I wouldn't be wearing hot pants. I'm not going to be bouncing around and shaking my, you know."

Oh yes, The Corsair knows. Not Biblically, mind you, but our "knowledge" of Aisha Tyler's considerable "assets" is actually quite ... profound. (The Corsair pours out some ambrosial libation in recognition of "the dead homiez")

"'There wasn't going to be any dropping it down and backing it up. It was still fun, though.'"

WTF?! No crunk booty bounce? No poom-poom shorts? No ... "tailfeather"? Why?

Actually, all kidding aside, we like Aisha Tyler all the more without the hoochie grind. Smart is so damn "sessy".

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Nichelle said...

Great post! I am HUGE fan of Aisha Tyler.