Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Sam Jackson, Cracktor

Bratley Bardin of Premiere Magazine found himself face to face with our favorite former cracktor who got caught in the A Train, the always angry Sam Jackson:

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"Premiere: (T)o think that as an undergrad at Atlanta's Morehouse College, you only got into acting because of the ...

"Samuel L. Jackson: Sex, drugs and cheap thrills, yep.

"Premeiere: Which served you well when, two weeks out of rehab, you began your breakthrough role as a crackhead in Jungle Fever. The rehap folk didn't want you to take that gig, did they?

"Sam: Totally against it. They said that being around pipes and lighters was going to trigger my old feelings."

Are you kidding? The evil rehab people were going to prevent the best portrayal of a crackhead since Chris Rock's fevered "Just Say Yes" performance in New Jack City? Heaven forfend!

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