Thursday, February 17, 2005

Jacko on TheSmokingGun

The Corsair tried to steer clear of the Scylla and Charybdis that is the Michael Jackson trial, but to get to that proverbial Ithaca, of being "an informative as well as entertaining blog," we find ourselves ... having to navigate those treacherous and well-traveled byways. We give you TheSmokingGun's Jacko coverage. The Gun is more than smoking on this matter, truly, it is positively hot. The merry pranksters at TheSmokingGun continue to feed off the "free bread" being served at the Jacko Circus Maximus:


"Last month, The Smoking Gun provided the first detailed, behind-the-scenes account of the case, which was based on a review of scores of confidential law enforcement reports, sealed court records, and grand jury transcript. Today we go a step further with the publication of hundreds of pages of secret grand jury transcript. In addition, we've published three new stories about the Jackson probe, all based on our review of the transcript and other confidential investigative records. Click here for those reports.

"The complete grand jury transcript runs 1903 pages and includes the testimony of 41 witnesses, including the alleged victim and six members of his family, several Jackson employees and associates, flight attendants, child welfare officials, four lawyers, one clinical psychologist, and a comedy club owner."

A comedy club owner? Anyway, More on TheSmokingGun, which is on top of Michael Jackson (Eew) like stupid on Paris Hilton. Or unfunny on Al Franken.


(S)wine said...

Or like Drunk on Al Franken. I've told you about how twice, TWICE we had to ditch Al Franken's segment on Hardball w/Chris Mathews because he was incoherent.

We kept Ariana's though. Ariana rocked our world.

The Corsair said...

Arianna rocks our world as well. Al Franken ... grrr ... I just don't like his face.