Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Anna Wintour Watch

The late start of the Marc Jacobs Fashion Week Show continues to reverberate through the media. Okay, that's just me obsessing over the trivial shit. Or is it? Is it true the audience booed Beyonce when she arrived, for she was the Diva cause of the delay? The LATimes still has love:

"After an hour and a half of waiting for the Marc Jacobs show to start, one had to marvel at a designer who could out-ego Beyonc�, who arrived amid a flurry of flashbulbs with boyfriend Jay-Z and spent at least 15 minutes warming the risers at the Lexington Avenue Armory with the best of them."


"The late, late start of the Marc Jacobs show didn't bother muse Rachel Feinstein who, while sitting next to Kim Gordon at Monday night's after-party at 24 Fifth, quipped, 'We were out anyway, so what does it matter?' Looking at a loop of the show that played on a nearby screen, she said, 'It reminds me of a teenage girl going out into the woods, kind of like making yourself sad, but in a beautiful way.' Drew Barrymore was in an equally reflective mood."

Drew's Piscean melancholy moves us. To snark. But Anna Wintour apparently went batshit during the Marc Jacobs lull. Marley would have left the tent to smooth out with some kind bud. According to those intrepid Page Sixxies:

"After waiting 90 minutes for Monday's Marc Jacobs' show to start, Vogue editrix Anna Wintour finally lost her wintry cool. 'I've had enough. I want to go!' she told organizers, even before Beyonc� and Jay-Z arrived with their retinue of security and paparazzi, who were crowding Wintour and the other working stiffs in the front row.

"Wintour summoned a Jacobs staffer and loudly told him, 'This is ridiculous'"

Quixotically, fashion and death clasp skeletal hands today in the pages of The News. Today, the usually serious NYDaily News homicide reporter Michael Daly weighs in on Anna, "I have no way of knowing what is true. What I am absolutely certain to be false is the suggestion that (Anna Wintour's) success is owed to some kind of sexual mojo."

Did we ask?

Fashionweekdaily caught Anna and the heavily guarded future J.D. Salinger (The LA Times referred to the guards as "refrigerator sized"), Renee Zellwegger in an intimate moment of contrived media fakeness:

"While Carolina Herrera�s show was fab, the real rubber-necking treat was when a very brunette, very thin, and almost unrecognizable Ren�e Zellweger took a front-row seat. Ren�e spied Anna Wintour across the runway and quickly crossed to her for the prereq double-cheek air kiss. The two chatted it up briefly before security asked Ren�e to take her seat. After she dashed across the stage, Anna gave Ren�e the universal phone gesture and mouthed 'call me'�twice."

That's two times too many, Anna. Finally, The San Francisco Chronicle's Sylvia Rubin talks with Oscar De La Renta:

"Backstage, (de la Renta) confirms that he'll once again bring some of these pieces to Lake Tahoe for the annual fund-raiser there. But for now, I ask him what his plans are for the night, now that the show is over? Dinner at Per Se, perhaps?

"'This evening, I'm going home, watch 24 on TV -- I love that show, so does my wife -- and rest,'' he says."

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