Thursday, February 10, 2005

Jade Jagger: "Man, could she rock. She wore me right out"

Jade Jagger, that supersexy MILF, and NERD frontman, Pharell Williams, are back on again, according to the 3AM Girls, and oh it's on, dear readers, it's on like Gray Poupon:

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"HE reportedly dumped her because her bedroom antics wore him out. But it seems Pharrell Williams has had a change of heart about Jade Jagger.

('Wore him out,' The Corsair whispers absently to himself sotto voce ... just before emitting a long, low pitched whistle of utter fucking astonishment)

"The pair rekindled their on-off romance by spending Tuesday night together at London's trendy St Martins Lane hotel.

"N.E.R.D frontman Pharrell was in the capital to perform with rap star Snoop Dogg at last night's Brits. He then hosted a bling-tastic aftershow party at swish Mayfair club Isis.

"Where 31-year-old Pharrell gets his energy from we don't know. On the night before the Brits he was busy entertaining 33-year-old jewellery designer Jade well into the early hours."

('Wore him out,' The Corsair repeats to himself, as if in a trance, trying to wrap himself around the concept)

"She arrived at his West End hotel at around 1am, said a quick hello to a pal of Pharrell's then headed upstairs to his suite. And didn't re-emerge until much later that morning."

No doubt leaving the furniture, bed and the contents of the room in a state of post-Apocalyptic discord. ('Wore his ass out,' The Corsair continues to repeat to himself with mantra-like intensity)

"Our insider reveals: 'Jade and Pharrell have a very strange relationship in that they always meet up when he's in London or she's in New York.

"'... She did her best to be discreet, but she's instantly recognisable. Their liaisons are unlikely to lead to anything permanent - they're just having a good time.'"

A fucking Yankee Doodle Dandy of a good time if you ask us.

"Jade and Pharrell first got together in 2003 after meeting at the MTV Awards in Barcelona.
In February 2004, she flew out to Sweden when N.E.R.D were on their European tour. She and Pharrell then flew back together on a private Lear jet, so he could attend the NME Awards.

"But he later pulled the plug on their romance because he couldn't keep up with her insatiable sexual appetite.

"He said: 'I'm a horndog, but Jade was hot to rock. And, man, could she rock. She wore me right out.

"'In Sweden especially she couldn't wait to get back to the room. Jade isn't the sort of woman I'd take home to meet my mom - even though she is a Stones fan. But the wrong woman sure feels good.

"She was OK for a few nights of fun, but then she came on all heavy. Jade became my shadow. I couldn't move without her, she wouldn't let me breathe."

Breathing is overrated, Pharrell, when you're getting that quality of loving.

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