Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Vanity Fair Oscar Party

There are few events carrying more social cachet than the annual Vanity Fair Oscar Party. It remains the perfect confluence of Hollywood, Media Elite and often old fashioned Washington DC power. Boldface names abound, and often canoodle. The paparazzi stand outside panting, hoping for a dog yummy, namely: the perfect money shot.

Everyone wants in on that guest list; everyone wants to get past that guarded velvet rope. Toes get trampled upon when the stakes are socially this high. At such an event, there is alot of what the Japanese call, "face." Things have to be handled diplomatically, and, you say, who better to do lather up the egos than Graydon Carter you say.

Well. According to LA Weekly (link via iwantmedia), Graydo isn't doing such a good job of it, and the party is nearly upon us:

"Vanity Fair Editor Graydon Carter, who famously used his show-biz friendships to benefit himself financially, has been calling his Hollywood pals 'scumbags' behind their backs in these weeks leading up to his magazine�s annual Oscar night party, L.A. Weekly has learned. Sources say Carter is even naming names, including his one-time mentor Jeffrey Katzenberg and his $100,000 benefactor Brian Grazer. Both men were unaware they�d been badmouthed by the editor during a spate of sloppy emotional jags at cocktail parties, dinner engagements, in the office and on the phone: Katzenberg for supposedly dropping Carter from the mogul�s A-list, and Grazer for supposedly ratting out Carter�s role in that A Beautiful Mind payola scandal. Grazer�s diss comes within days of his seeing Carter socially in New York and being invited to attend the editor�s forthcoming wedding."

What, pray tell is a "sloppy emotional jag"? Don't they have Vicodin for such things in Hollywood? Or a supine assistant or a high class call girl to take away the stress? Can't we all just get along?

Will Graydo patch things up in time for a flawless party? Will the midget ... we mean the scumbag ... we mean Katzenberg; will Katzenberg put Graydon Carter back on his A-List, or will he, instead, put him on his Shit-List, a slightly less prestigious social space occupied chiefly by his old arch-nemesis, Michael Eisner.

Will averted gazes be exchanged between the booths? Will curt "fuck you's" be mouthed from across the room? Will complicated jiu jitsu moves be executed? If it all breaks out in bitchslapping, we'll put our money on Brian Grazer, cause, like, neither Katzenberg nor Carter look like they can take a solid punch. Stay tuned.

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