Saturday, February 12, 2005

JLo Closes Out Fashion Week

Metallics. High waists. Loose shapes. Shapely ass. Okay, the last item on that menu has nothing to do with JLo designer, and just my personal interest. The other words are the ways the JLo's show are being described in the press. According to the Sydney-Sun Herald:


"Lopez out-hyped veteran American fashion names such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein to be the most talked-about show of the week.

"In typical diva style, she arrived at the Bryant Park venue wearing oversized sunglasses and a full-length fur coat, in defiance of New York's anti-fur activists.

"Adding to the drama of the evening parade, the show was delayed by more than an hour before restless paparazzi threatened to call the fire department about the serious overcrowding.

"Guests were, however, given the star treatment with special director's chairs shipped in for a Hollywood touch, while black carpet was rolled out throughout the tent and scattered with faux diamonds."

The NY Post writes:

"Music and fashion world luminaries like Lil' Kim, Ja Rule, Shannen Doherty, Anne Hathaway, Bernadette Peters, Russell Simmons, Foxy Brown and hubby Marc Anthony filled the front rows to support the babe from The Bronx and her first runway extravaganza."

And Vogue's Andre Leon-Talley is quoted in AP as saying:

"'I loved it. It was fabulous,' Talley said from his front row seat. 'Everything was relevant because it looked like her.'"

Whatever that means. However, Zandile Blay, an editor at Seventeen magazine, according to Reuters, was positively citric in her evaluation, "As I saw those items, all I saw was a J.C. Penney rack."

And, also from Reuters: "Lopez may have some work to do before she earns her fashion business credentials. A number of die-hard fashionistas watching the event on television monitors outside of the venue booed her when she made an appearance at end of the show."

Perhaps it was "the Pink energy"? (Averted Gaze) Fashionweekdaily interviews Susan Ciminelli, JLo's -- and we say this entirely without irony -- "facialist and crystal healer":

"What�s Jen�s energy like? 'It�s great. She�s fun, giggly, and girly. Her energy is pink in my mind; she�s pink and full of love. I gave her some rose quartz to help bring that out; it brings lots of love.' Will she be visiting you before she debuts her collection? 'Oooh, I can�t talk about that. But I will tell you that anytime I see her, I�m in a good mood afterward. It�s the pink energy.'"

To be sure. Of the JLo Show, According to Reuters:

"Supermodel Naomi Campbell strutted down the catwalk in halter-topped jumpsuit with tiered ruffles running down the legs and an enormously wide-brimmed mushroom-like white hat.

"'I was very pleasantly surprised,' Jane Larkworthy, an editor at W magazine, said of Lopez's new 'Sweetface' line. 'I love satin pants and I love fur.'

"The show was divided into three parts meant to correspond to phases of Lopez's life: her start in the Bronx, her music career and her current red-carpet lifestyle.

"In the background, yellow neon lights spelled out 'JLo Story' during the first phase, then turned into two red turntables for the second, and then into a stretch limo and a velvet rope for the third.

"During the finale, music from her upcoming album, 'Rebirth,' boomed in the background."

Hmm. Cross-promotional marketing. The force is strong in this one ...

In other Naomi news, Naomi Campbell, supermodel, Diva, has learned a few things in her years frisking about the catwalk, thus playing the paparazzi like a Stradavarius when the mood strikes her, according to Fashionweekdaily:

"Naomi Campbell�s walk at Anna Sui caused a bit of a ruckus as well. During her second strut, she refused to stop and pose for photogs at the end of the runway, inciting loud boos. For her third look, she stopped and posed with a cheeky grin on her face, which got a rousing cheer from the audience."

We give Lookonline's Marilyn Kirschner the final word:

"THE fashion moment of the day and perhaps the week was, well no not Jennifer Lopez, sorry, but Ralph Rucci, who delivered one of the most incredible collections of his career and received a standing ovation before a crowd that included Barbara Walters, Diana Taylor (Mayor Bloomberg�s gal pal), Deeda Blair, Tatiana Soroko, and Casey Ribicoff.

"While his design philosophy has never changed since the beginning, and he has always shown similar pieces of incredible workmanship, it was somehow more appreciated this evening. Perhaps, after sitting through a week of somewhat uneven shows filled with too much hype and drama, the audience was truly honored to witness the real deal - a perfectly executed, conceived, fabricated day and eveningwear collection for both day and evening."

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