Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Rise and Fall of Daddy's Little Girl - The Whitney Houston Story

According to MTV.com:

"An associate of Whitney Houston's late father is writing a tell-all book about the singer, to be published in the next few months. 'The Rise and Fall of Daddy's Little Girl - The Whitney Houston Story' would give Kevin Skinner's firsthand account of run-ins with the singer and her husband, Bobby Brown, including, he claims, 'the drugs, the affairs, the lies.' Skinner's rep says that the book will be 'shocking.'"

And, of course, no dysfunctional celebrity family is complete without a report from "Celebrity Justice," which said in 2002:

"(Celebrity Justice) has uncovered an ominous new wrinkle in the family feud pitting Whitney Houston against her father John and his business partner Kevin Skinner. Skinner was the target of a death threat earlier this year, and you won't believe who he says the suspects are."

Hmm, let us guess ...

"A police report from East Orange, New Jersey, dated March 26th (2002), details a threat Kevin Skinner says he received in person and over the phone outside this barber shop. He says, 'They threatened to do me in' Skinner told police that a man known only as 'Malik' told him, 'Nippy and Bobby are planning to have you done.' Nippy is known to be Whitney Houston's nickname; Bobby is the first name of her husband, singer Bobby Brown."

Leaving the general country-ness of the charming sobriquet "Nippy" (Averted Gaze) aside -- and we really want to get to say something here, but there are more pressing issues -- couldn't 'have you done' suggest a sexual surprise? Why are we always willing to think the worst when Bobby Brown is involved. Just because he got arrested in Alpharetta while eating fish? Who hasn't been harassed by the "po-po" in a fish joint? Let he who is without sin ...

"Then Skinner told police his phone rang, and a voice told him, 'Watch your back, you're dead.'"

Oh, okay, forget it. Cuff him, and stuff him, Sarg! Carry on:

"Under 'suspects,' the police report lists two names: Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown."

(A sharp gasp escapes from The Corsair's lips)

".. Kevin Skinner is defiant and dismissive in the face of any potential harm, but he knows all too well how explosive the legal battle between Whitney Houston and her father, Skinner's partner, has become. He says, 'We're at war right now, the family, John against Whitney, honest to God.' John Houston, 82, and business partner Kevin Skinner are suing Whitney Houston for $100,000,000."

Okay ... highly implausible. Alleged crack costs alone would allegedly cut into the Whitney Houston Cheesy Muzak fortune significantly. Besides, we all know that if Bobby and Whitney has one hundred mil, they would both be dead. And their bodies naturally embalmed from ingested chemicals. Allegedly.

"Their lawsuit alleges the superstar singer failed to pay Houston Sr. and Skinner for their services in managing her career and her personal problems. Skinner says, 'John wants to settle the situation. He doesn't want to be dragged out and go to court, but if it does go to court, we do depositions and we discuss everything. And once everything comes out, I?m quite sure she won't want to answer all those questions.'"

Anyway, books are more lucrative than the courtroom.

"When 'CJ' called Whitney Houston's spokesperson she broke out laughing, then told 'CJ' that no one knows anything about this matter."



Anonymous said...

I know Kevin Skinner.The book Daddy's Little Girl will come out soon.Everything he wrote on that book about Whitney and Bobby is true.Down to even when Bobby use to leave and she would sleep with Kevin.She has offer him 1 million dollars so he won't publish the book.But he is not going for that.And yes she is a addict to drugs.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ What a LIAR!! Everyone knows that Kevin Skinner is a sick low-life scam artist and lies about EVERYTHING that comes out of his mouth!! LOL this Anonymous person is hilarious!! Whitney would not give Kevin the time of day and Kevin could NEVER prove anything he says....ask anyone that knows him!!

Rattler 4 Life said...