Thursday, February 10, 2005

Al Franken for Senate? Yuck!

Fuck, this asshole is going to run and have celebrity name recognition at the get go. We may have to listen to this obnoxious windbag for another 6 years, bloviating on the Senate floor unrestricted. Al Franken could singlehandedly make the case for abolition of the filibuster. According to TheHill:

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"Sen. Mark Dayton (D-Minn.), in a move that shocked fellow Democrats and turned Minnesota politics upside down, announced yesterday that he will not seek a second term next year.

"Dayton, who was considered one of the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents, caught most Democrats and political observers completely off-guard and left his state�s Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party with an open seat to defend in terrain that has become more difficult in recent years.

"The 58-year-old department-store heir said he is quitting the Senate because he can�t balance his duties with the need to raise what he recently estimated would be at least $15 million for his campaign.

�'I cannot stand to do the constant fundraising to wage a successful campaign, and I cannot be an effective senator while also being a nearly full-time candidate,' Dayton said in a statement he read during a conference call from his Washington office with Minnesota reporters. 'Thus, I am choosing to devote all of my time and energy to the job Minnesotans have elected me to do.'"

Minnesota is a purple state. It used to be entirely blue, but it has been trending red although it is not quite there yet, sort of like the political psychology of New Jersey. Can't you just see Al Franken's nipples hardening over the prospects? (Whoa! Sorry for the disturbing visual). After the Weekend Update Anchor spot on SNL, there is nothing else Al Franken wants in the world than a Senate seat in Minnesota. Trouble is, he recently signed a 3 year contract with Air America. My prediction is: Al Franken will find a way to run for that seat.

We can already hear Arianna Huffington urging him to run in her dulcet Greek tones with tony Hollywood fundraisers.


Baby Girl said...

When I see Al Franken all I can think about is his bit part in "Trading Spaces".

Anonymous said...

Oh yuk. Please, God, no. That would disparage the legacy of Minnesota. No... the U.S. No... the world. Ick.

Michael said...

Greek tones? So THAT'S what her accent is supposed to be.

(S)wine said...

His only good work was writing: "When a Man Loves a Woman."