Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Fashionweek Lexicon

volume, noun, All purpose buzzword, like "cypher" in the hip hop community, circa 1997. Generally meaning a specific kind of fullness. Like Lindsay Lohan's breasts. As in: "Mizrahi's twist was to put a separate white tulle petticoat underneath, which gives the dress the volume that's become very important for next fall's fashions."

fur, n, (fur), bling. The "in" fashion accessory. That which allegedly covers Star Jones' back.

diaphanous, adjective, usually followed by "silhouette." Characterized by extreme delicacy of form. Like waifs, or Kate Moss.

texture, n, the feel of a surface

eclectic, adjective, sloppy. Postmodern. A cacophony of clashing visions. Get your act together.
Slavic Europe, geographical name, very chic. The new muse of the fashion industry. Bitter irony abounds in the fact that indigenous peasant gypsy populations inspire and influence astronomically expensive high fashion gowns. The Slavs would be unamused. See also: eclectic.

protective cocoon, noun, that chic querencia, a quiet space where celebrity becomes at one with itself; a space often guarded by beefy "refrigerator-sized security" guards. See also: diva.

canoodling, intransitive verb, "hooking up," scoring a piece of ass, usually occurring at a chic club with someone other than one's lawful spouse. During the act, one hopes Page Six doesn't bust on said occurrence thereby "blowing up your spot." They will.

posse, noun, entourage, a large group often with a common interest, namely to score as much ass as possible before the free ride comes to an abrupt end. See: canoodling.

diva, noun, of or relating to bitch-goddess behavior. Beyonce holding up the Marc Jacobs show for half an hour. That sort of thing. A style of living perfected by African-American women and Thai lady boys.

fabulous, adjective, superlative; the highest form of praise.

show stopper, noun, anything done by an A-Lister, including belching and the passage of gas.

edgy, adjective, think Yeohlee Teng. Redolent of grit. Showing dash. Risky. Championed by the noble Paper Magazine. Implication of a cult following and peer respect,yet hindered by meager financing. A case of Fashion affirmative action.

signature, noun, a charming out of the side of one's mouth way of suggesting the lack of creativity. Passive aggressive.

champagne, noun, 1. color -- lighter than mustard, more meaningful than rust, not pumpkin, vaguely redolent of metallics, yet weighty, like poppy. Hope that helps.

2. a fizzy adult beverage. See: canoodling.

chanting, the collective sound escaping the lips of paparazzi who simultaneously vye for the perfect money shot. Interestingly enough, the same sound can be heard at Japanese wrestling shows.

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Anonymous said...

Diaphanous usually means sheer (i.e. the fabric) when used in fashion context. And eclectic can be v.v.good,
you crazy straight kid, you!