Friday, February 04, 2005

Kate Moss Junky Ex's Story

Supermodels. Japanese Ceremonial Swords. Opiates. Champagne. It's all so fucking Lower East Side, circa, 1989, don't you think? Er, or so we're told (Averted Gaze). Not ... that we'd know about any of that scene (Nervous laughter).

Junky rocker Pete Doherty got into a little fisticuffs with filmmaker Max Carlish after they made a deal to split the proceeds from those heroin smoking pictures that he sold to UK photographers last week. The deal went sour, eventuating in Kate Moss dumping Doherty's crack-infused gritty ass to the curb, via text message no less. Anyhoo: that's when things went sideways ... according to TheSun:

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"The flare-up came after Carlish, 38, sold the shameful drug snaps to a Sunday paper for ($56,000). He told furious Doherty he would give him half the cash -- then went back on the offer. Last night a source close to former Libertines singer Doherty said of the hotel attack:

"'Pete was terrified because Max was totally off the wall. He was so scared that he just let Max have it.' Award-winning Carlish had spent seven months making a documentary about Doherty's new band Babyshambles and filmed him smoking heroin.

"(Carish) was given ($1800) in cash up front for the stills -- and blew it on a wild drink and drug spree on Sunday night. Carlish, who has a history of mental illness, got involved in a row while swigging champagne at a bar in Farringdon, Central London.

"He was arrested for possessing drugs and threatening cops, and was cautioned. After his release he returned to the area -- this time with the ceremonial sword."

Hmm. A fucking ceremonial sword. This definitely harkens us back to Ludlow Street on a Friday night, pre-Giuliani. Er, or so we're told. Not that we'd know about any of that decadence (Averted Gaze):

"One source said: 'He shafted Pete and was scared heavies were going to come after him. He was bug-eyed and out of it.'He was wandering round with the sword for days.'

"On Wednesday Doherty and a 23-year-old musician pal went to see Carlish at Farringdon's Rookery Hotel. Carlish claimed he was going to give Doherty money so he could go into rehab and save his relationship with Kate, 31.When he did not, Doherty 'went berserk'. A pal said:

"'Carlish stiffed Pete. What else was Pete to do but give him a clunk?' Carlish suffered black eyes and a broken nose."

The whole sordid fucked up story here.

Update! Breaking News! According to the AP:

"Rock singer Pete Doherty, the former frontman of The Libertines, has been charged with robbery and blackmail, police said Friday.

"The 25-year-old musician was arrested Wednesday after a reported fracas at a London hotel. He appeared at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court Friday and was granted bail on condition he post a $280,000 bond, observe a 10 p.m. curfew and not leave his home without security accompaniment.

"Doherty's lawyer, Sean Curran, said the singer would spend the weekend in jail because the bond money could not be raised immediately."

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