Monday, February 07, 2005

Paris and Harry?

African-Americans and Jews, beware! "When the skanks hosted Saturday Night Live, I said nothing ...; after all, I was not a skank, I was not the leonine, raptor-eyed, Lisa Gastineau ..." But now, ignore the ominous cloud of impending doom at your own risk! Skanky racist pornstar Paris Hilton is proposing an unholy pop-cultural alliance with the House of Windsor's frizzyheaded manchild, that could prove more treacherous than the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. According to TheSun (via Contactmusic), Paris Hilton is just wild about Nazi uniform wearing royal, Prince Harry:

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"The reality TV star, 23, told reporters last year (DEC04) she lusted after heir-to-the-throne William, but declared she was 'too shy' to make a move on him.

"And now Hilton admits she thinks redhead Harry is just as handsome, saying, 'William - he's so hot. He's gorgeous.

"'I think his mother (DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES) was so beautiful. I was always in love with his mother.

"'I think they're really sweet, nice boys and they look like their mum. They're both gorgeous.'"

Swastika's ... they must really turn Paris Hilton on! Those authentic Reich�hrer SS epaulets sleeve bands must have made her cream in her easy access panties! Oh, well, the girl can't resist a man in a uniform.

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