Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Ali G: Homeless

Massive "iz be" the fallout of the Jen-Brad breakup, yo. Don't mock, readers, don't scoff!

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According to Ananova:

"Sacha Baron Cohen and his fiancee Isla Fisher have been left looking for a new home after the Brad Pitt/Jen Aniston split.

"The couple were living in Jen's ($3.7 million) home in Hollywood Hills but she now wants the luxury home back, reports the Daily Mirror.

"A maid at the hillside home confirmed: 'Sacha and Isla don't live here any more but I don't know where they went.'

"Cohen and Isla, who are due to wed in her home town of Perth, Australia, this year, are now said to be looking for their own place in LA."

The 3AM Girls continue:

"The Ali G star and his sexy actress partner had been paying 35-year-old Jen ($5,600) rent a month for the past year while working in LA.

"... Sacha met Jen at the 2003 Emmy Awards and later dined with her and Brad in Hollywood. The couple were said to love Sacha's 'irreverent humour' and thought it amusing when, in Ali G guise, he joked: 'Me iz gonna try and touch Jennifer's Golden Globes.'

"It's understood Cohen and Isla, who are due to wed in her home town of Perth, Australia, this year, are now looking to buy a property in LA."

"But Cohen's hopes of taking Hollywood by storm suffered a setback recently, when an anti-George Bush prank at a rodeo in Salem, Virginia, backfired.

"After one of his characters, Borat, was filmed mocking the US national anthem, angry locals fired their guns in protest, before threatening to attack the cast and crew.

"The film's director, Todd Phillips, was so upset by the hostile reaction that he quickly quit Cohen's first feature film, fearing for his safety."

And, of course, we cannot fail to note blogger-New Yorker scribe Daniel Radosh's brilliant send up of infamous Ali G character Borat's ongoing feud with the government of Kazakhstan, and wonder -- in the quiet of our soul -- if fucking with Kazakhstan precipitated this streak of dodgy luck. The loaded insinuation that "(Kazakstani) wine is ...made from fermented horse urine." was a bit overmuch, no?

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