Tuesday, February 08, 2005

No Sly Stallone

What a jip! The Corsair was so "pumped up" to hear Howard Stern interview the physical embodiment of the Freudian Id this morning. The Stallone Media Domination Tour (TM) was all set to launch, but, as Marksfriggin reports:

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"Sylvester Stallone wasn't there yet so Howard said that Gary told him that he may have made a mistake and maybe this morning wasn't the right date for him to come in. They'd apparently changed the dates and he was pretty sure this morning was the right date. Gary said he called Sylvester's publicist's voice mail but she hasn't called him back yet. Howard said it would have been cool to interview Sylvester Stallone. He wondered if Sylvester was embarrassed that he was better in bed with Angie Everhart."

Well, at least former supermodel-ADD freak Janice Dickinson can appreciate getting "Rambo-ed," according to Hollywood.com:

""Until you've been thrown in bed and Rambo-ed all night, you cannot understand the meaning of great sex. I had bells going off in my head."

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