Thursday, February 03, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out

In: Razor Magazine. (Full Disclosure: Starting next month, The Corsair will write a regular column for Razor) The Page Sixxies run a great quote from Janice Dickinson from the latest issue of Razor, which is, IMHO, one of the hottest new magazines out there. The exceptional "Then and Now" issue, on sale now, has pieces written by the always excellent Joanna Molloy of Rush and Molloy fame, as well as Wolf Blitzer and other luminaries looking back and looking forward to how their professions have changed. We like.

Out: Snoop Dogg. During the course of Snoop Dogg's interview with Nylon Guy's Magazine, he acquitted himself well. He is not a dog. Snoop is a sensitive man, acutely attuned to the needs of women everywhere. According to Nylon Guys:

"Nylon: Britney has been doing some rapping
Snoop: What? Wrapping her lips around a dick?
Nylon: Like a lot of guys who smoke pot, you're rail thin. Are the munchies a myth?
Snoop: No, it's the truth. I just know how to keep my body together.
Nylon: What's your workout plan?
Snoop: Four bitches and a 40 ouncer.
Nylon: You should write for Men's Health.
Snoop: (laughs)"

In: Katie Grand. Louis Vuitton's Paris Fall 2005 show proceeds apace. According to Fashionweekdaily, a dark, luxurious Russian feel prevails:

"... Dried beetroot slices topped with very generous-sized black truffle slivers being handed out pre-show with champagne (of course) and the same cigarette-sized choux pastry rolls filled with foie gras as at the Lagerfeld presentation earlier in the day.

"Table laid out with the little, hard-to-spot accessories primarily key rings in horn, little brass locks or engraved faux ivory tabs providing membership to an exclusive club called Louis Vuitton. Also pins and cufflinks as large flat-cut gems.

"British fashionistas practically falling over themselves backstage to congratulate show stylist Katie Grand, who was wearing a shabby chic cardie and pretty significant gold bead neckpiece."

Out: Pete Doherty. What a week for the skank rocker (Averted Gaze). First the dirtbag was dating Kate Moss, whom Johnny Depp once famously described as possessing the "highwater booty" (We just like saying that). Then she dumped his gritty ass via text message. Then he smoked heroin in the newspaper and intimated that heroin is not that bad. Smooth move, Ex Lax. Now he's in jail, he's in jail because he fail, according to TheSun:

"PETE DOHERTY was arrested last night after a dramatic fight with the man who sold pictures of him smoking heroin to newspapers.

"Police were called after the former Libertines star clashed with documentary maker Max Carlish in a North London hotel at around 9.30pm last night."

In: Kiera Knightley's Tush. A handful, to be sure, but Kiera Knightley's apple-sized tushy is the subject of some serious media meditation. According to something called Moviehole:

"(Kiera) finished wrapping Pride and Prejudice, but more of interest, is Domino, in which she plays a striper, has a topless scene, but decided she was to shy to show her bum, so ended up with what she laughingly calls 'a bum double.' Knightley had to choose the right posterior to of course to her own, justice. 'I was standing in an office and women came in and started stripping,' she recalls, trying unsuccessfully to keep a straight face. 'Actually - you know what - they have fantastic arses and it's at those points where you look at their bums and you think you've got an alright bum and then you go okay, unless your bum looks like that don't show it on film. If it looks like that - show it by all means, but I don't have a bum like that and therefore it will not be shown on film. I didn't know what to do and you sort of don't know where to look, but you've got to look at their bum and then you sort of think, well should I talk to them, or should I not talk to them?'"

God, The Corsair has got to get out of NY and move to Los Angeles and get a job in film.

Out: Gun Control. As the Democratic Party tacks to the center, core issues are facing a reconsideration, Like Gun Control, and how the very thought handicaps the Democratic Party in the red states. According to TheHill:

"The expected election of former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean as chairman of the Democratic National Committee this month will strike a crippling blow to the gun-control movement, lobbyists and political observers say.Like Dean, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is a strong supporter of gun rights. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) supports gun control but rarely mentioned the issue before the 2004 election."


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Congrats on the Razor column!

The Corsair said...

thank you, Ali ;)

The Corsair said...

Totally, Mimi. I'm old school like that. We like to "keep it real".