Saturday, February 12, 2005

Janet Jackson

Hey there, Janet Jackson, get a room, as, according to the most excellent Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher:

"Janet Jackson put on a show 'grinding and groping' with her bf Jermaine Dupri at the Joseph Abboud party at Marquee last week. Says a spy: 'Her hands were down his pants the entire time. I stood over them and saw the whole thing!'"

In other Janet Jackson news, or how steroidal "on swo" Hip-Hop bodyguards just don't seem to play well with others, Celebrity Justice reports:

"A fan of Janet Jackson is suing the singer for $120 million, claiming he was brutally assaulted by her bodyguards. The accuser, Lenny Salati, spoke with "(celebrity Justice)" telling us he�s wearing a neck brace because he was brutalized by Janet�s bodyguards.

"'When you know it's coming, that's one thing,' Salati said. 'But when you get choked it's another thing. It was like boom, one, two, three, it all happened so fast. The pain, my neck, my back. I haven't been sleeping. I lost my breath. I thought I was passing out. I did pass out.' Lenny claims Janet knows him because his cousin, Carlo Imperato, worked with her on the hit 1980s TV show 'Fame.'"

Danny Amatullo?

"... Lenny says he ran into Janet on February 4th at Club Marquee in Manhattan. 'The next minute I'm being thrown out by bodyguards when Janet said, �leave him alone, he's okay,� Salati recounted. Lenny says he walked away for a while and then, 'When I came back to give the number, kissing her goodbye, that�s when they grabbed me. Janet tried to control them, but they didn�t listen. She looked really scared. She was scared.'"

And now, of course, to complete the farce: Enter Lawyer with ironic last name, Stage Left:

"Salati�s attorney Steven Goldman thinks his client�s injuries are worth $120 million, based on Janet�s large bank account and the alleged actions of her large bodyguards. 'My client was gasping for breath, we have two witnesses who confirm that,' Goldman told us. 'My client is still suffering from throat injuries. When a 300-pound man, six-feet-three-inches tall does that to my client who's only about 175 pound, rips him off the ground and my client is grasping for breath, you tell me, did something go astray here?'"

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