Monday, February 07, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out

In: Marc Jacobs. Today's Marc Jacobs show should be hott (BTW: last minute media invites to the after party Monday night, should be sent to moi), minus Sofia, to be sure, but plus JLo and The Donald's and ... one quixotically soaked chair, according to Fashionweekdaily, the ultimate online Fashion Week bible:

"If chairs could cry, there would be one soaked seat at Marc Jacobs show: Sofia Coppola will be MIA shes busy at work on Marie-Antoinette in Paris. But look for Jennifer Lopez who has said she?ll only go to Marc and her own showand The Donald and new bride The Melania who have been going since the beginning of time."

And, knowing The Donald, Melania will probably have to sit on the wet seat (Averted Gaze).

Out: Gianni Russo. Those glorious Page Sixxies report:

"ALMOST 30 years after actor Gianni Russo wed the daughter of Don Corleone in 'The Godfather,' he's disillusioned over his on-screen courtship with another godfather's daughter, Victoria Gotti. Russo, who played treacherous Carlo in 'The Godfather,' will be seen in 'Growing Up Gotti' tonight, showering Victoria with roses, chocolates and even an impromptu love song in a crowded restaurant. But Russo is unhappy. 'I think people need to know that she is not a nice person,' he told us. 'She is one of the most arrogant and mean-spirited people I have ever met, and I cannot believe that I was romantically attracted to her for so long. Meeting her was enough to put out any romantic fire inside me.'"

And, coming soon to a police report near you, some guy in a sweatsuit with no neck, "puts out" the "romantic oxygen" inside Gianni Rossi's lungs.

In: Nicole Ritchie. Nicole Ritchie can sculpt my head like that blind lady in her dad's "Hello" video, anytime. Nicole has been looking superhott lately. The Corsair doesn't know why, or what she's doing, but ... could she please continue? Nicole, baby, we are definitely intrigued. Attendant to those improvements are the requisite attitudinal adjustments, of course, according to the superhero gossip duo Rush and Molloy:

"Nicole Richie showed her blocking skill when she tried to cut into the bathroom line at the Maxim party. 'Bitches,' she muttered, when other ladies resisted her star power."

Hellooo ... is it me you're looking for ...

Out: Cojo. No, not Koffi Annan's oil for food scandalous offspring, although his ass is grass to the pit-bull terrier-like Neoconservative movement, intent on crushing the United Nations in revenge for the racist passing of the Zionism Resolution in 1979.

But we digress. The former People Magazine staffer who lies about his age (north of 40). According to TheStarrReport:

"Steven 'Cojo' Cojocaru, the 'ET"/"Insider' fashion maven who recently under went a kidney transplant, will detail his ordeal on 'Oprah' ? much to the surprise of his pals over at the 'Today' show, where he still serves as an occasional contributor."

That's Class. Will the medical waste be on display for the studio audience?

"Cojocaru, who got his big break on 'Today,' was said to be hesitant when he was approached by NBC about discussing the kidney transplant on 'Today.'

"Imagine NBC's surprise, then, when they learned that Cojocaru would appear on 'Oprah' in a sitdown with Oprah Winfrey to talk about the Jan. 14 transplant, which was necessitated by his poly cystic kidney disease.

"'Cojo has been getting phased out over the past year ? his shtick was tired and it was getting old,' says an NBC insider. 'They were going to get rid of him, but when he got sick they wanted to support him. Now that he's healthy enough to go on 'Oprah,' it's the perfect out for NBC to move on.'"

In: Padma Lakshmi. According to LookOnline's Marilyn Kirschner, who appears to be stalking her, Padma, that jet-setting superhottie who stole Salman Rushdie's heart, is a correspondent for Harpers:

"It seems wherever I have gone this week (well, in the two days thus far), there is Padma (as in Padma Lakshmi). The drop dead gorgeous, sexy, Indian born, American educated, young (34 years old), tall, skinny ex-model and ex-host of her very own cooking show on The Food Network, who happens to be married to Salman Rushdie, has caused a paparazzi frenzy at every show she has attended thus far.

"And understandably so.It really is kind of hard not to notice her (the actor Richard Dreyfus has gone on record with the observation that she is so beautiful, it is 'painful' or something to that effect anyway.) On Friday, the first day of shows, the photographers were literally falling all over themselves taking pictures of her while she was seated front row center at the Project Runway show, clad in a sweet white floral embossed 'prairie skirt' designed by Cynthia Steffe, paired with a Balenciaga top, and worn with tall furry boots. And yesterday (Saturday), she turned up at Alexandre Herchcovitchs runway show, clad in a short and bare knitted slip dress that was also by Steffe, (which she was practically falling out of), accessorized again with tall furry shearling flat boots and a camel Gucci shearling coat.

"When she stood up to take a picture of the photographers galley with her own digital camera right before the show began, she caused another mini-sensation ... I caught up with Padma before Turkish designer Atil Kutoglus collection ... When I asked if she was covering the shows as an assignment for a magazine, she said that while she was in fact, working for Harpers Bazaar (stating it was new gig, and she didnt even have a title yet), she really wanted to see them for her own edification. For the record, she said that while she is an 'equal opportunity' dresser (meaning she wears what she likes), she normally prefers European to American designers."

Out: Graydon Carter. According to New York Magazine:

"Vanity Fairs Hollywood issue features double-page photos of Hilary Swank as The Body, Jamie Foxx as The Man, and a surprise: The Return Engagement, Ellen Barkin, who could just as easily have been labeled Editor-in-Chiefs Boating Buddy. Her photo was shot aboard her husband Ron Perelmans yacht Ultima III as it bobbed off the coast of St. Barts on New Years Eve, during the same week Graydon Carter was aboard too. 'Half the staff was against putting her in it,' says a Cond� Nast source. 'The only person who wanted it was Graydon.'"

Clearly, the architectonic hair is cutting off the oxygen supply to his addled brain. And the Winston Lights under Bloomberg's radar aren't helping matters, my good man (Averted Gaze). And -- goddam it -- put an African-American on the cover once in a while, why don't ya?

In: The LATimes (And ... Out: Robert Iger, ABC). The Corsair happened upon this via IWantMedia:

"ABC entertainment Chairman Lloyd Braun walked into Vincenti restaurant in Brentwood and extended a hand to his boss, Disney President Robert Iger, who did not reciprocate.

"Instead, Iger warned his lieutenant on that night in November 2003, 'I'm going to let you have it.'"

Ah, Hollywood; Land of adolescence forestalled:

"But it was Braun who let fly, according to a passage from a draft of James B. Stewart's upcoming book 'DisneyWar.' Braun accused Iger of 'lack of character; incompetence; taking credit for things you had nothing to do with; and running away from decisions you made.'

"When Braun alleged that his boss hadn't had a hand in one of ABC's few successes at the time, the 'reality' show 'The Bachelor,' Iger was irate. He jumped out of his chair, jostling a waiter who spilled coffee down Iger's shirt front, ruining his tie."

More here.

In: Beth Littleford. Beth Littleford takes the opportunity of an interview for Paper Magazine's cover to make Owen Wilson very uncomfortable:

"'Do feminists with chips on their shoulders accuse you of having a boy's club?"'I ask.

"He looks at me blankly.

"'A frat?'


"'Is it just me?'


"I know he wants to answer, to help me all he can with this interview, but his slow-as-molasses drawl makes me wonder if my mini-recorder is going to run out of tape before he forms a sentence."

Beth Littleford: Genius. More: here.

Out: Bumiller on Washington DC. The Old Gray Lady's Elizabeth Bumiller gave us 10 Ways to Avoid Ruin in the American Neo-Imperium, among which:

"Well-mannered Washingtonians tell hostesses that they will drop by before or after their appearances on nightly programs like Mr. King's. 'You should tell your hostess ahead of time,' said Sally Quinn, the Washington writer and hostess who is married to Benjamin C. Bradlee, former executive editor of The Washington Post, and the author of a book on entertaining. Otherwise, Ms. Quinn said, there will be a gaping hole at the dinner table."

Way to fill that gaping hole, Sal. Just like snagging the then-married but separated Ben Bradley, huh (wink wink)? In a follow up piece, 7 Ways to Score a "Primo" Lobbying Position, Georgetown doyenne Cokie Roberts's brother, Tommy Boggs, of the infamous Patton Boggs, will instruct Times Sunday readers on how to make a binding pact with Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies. Basta!

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