Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Linkola Scandal

The linkola scandal is everywhere. Stinking up the blogosphere. Gawker brought it up, now it's the 800 lb gorilla we can't ignore. Even the dear ultragrrrl is getting grief.

I want to come clean: In my year and a quarter of blogging The Corsair has received one Fashion Week invite (didn't go) and, like 10 movie screening invites (Full Disclosure: went to The Life Aquatic, and informed readers in the FIRST SENTENCE I had been invited to the screening: "The Corsair elected to go to a screening yesterday --he rarely ever gets invited to these things-- and while The Life Aquatic wasn't exactly what we were expecting (a two-year wait for a Noah Baumbach-Wes Anderson scripted film will raise one's expectations to ungodly levels, you know), it was a beautiful movie"). Oh yeah, and I've promoted my brother Fred's LaundrySpa, who advertised a while ago, but I'm pretty sure I made sure to mention our relationship up front at all times.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I'll whore. (The Corsair does a sexy walk) You wanna date? Cause this (The Corsair licks his finger, points to his taut derriere, makes a sizzling sound) is sweet ass. My time is money, sweetie (sashays), if you want a date you gotta pay my rate. But the Fashion-Media-DC-Hollywood studio's need to up the ante. (And, of course, I will always tell you when I was gifted with linkola, my dear, loyal readers)

The Corsair,
AKA Ron Mwangaguhunga

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Peter A. Stinson said...

Ron, thought you might want to know about this... we think they're headed here...