Tuesday, February 08, 2005

To Fab, With love

According to those intrepid Page Sixxies:

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"DREW Barrymore has apparently told her little drummer boy, Fabrizio Moretti, to beat it. Word is she wrote Moretti a 'breakup letter' last week � and we couldn't help notice that the Brazilian-born Strokes percussionist was nowhere to be seen amid the hipster throngs at the Another Magazine bash that Barrymore hosted at Ono on Sunday night. Another ominous sign is the fact that our queries to reps for Drew and Fabrizio yesterday were met with stony silence."

And silence, to a skins player, is anything but fab. The Corsair has -- wink, wink -- obtained a copy of the typewritten breakup letter:

"Dear Fab,

"It was so much fun! You brought so much rock to my life. It was such a perfect experience. It seemed like such an organic arrangement. I'm so fortunate. Picasso, Fab, like totally had this Blue phase. I had a (Tom) Green phase. But you were, like, my 'rockstar' phase. Being the 'rockstar's girlfriend' was an incredibly challenging role for me. It took so many takes and angles. And most of those takes were amazing. Totally. I haven't had a love scene like that in a while.

"Fab, you are the most amazing drummer. You are so talented. And I don't just mean that in the Hollywood sense, although I'm sure it sounds that way.

"Actors are chamelons, Fab. We change for every role. And no one changes more than me. Life is all ad libs and improvising, Fab. As I've said before in interviews, I'm in love with being in love. And, well, I guess that makes you the third wheel, Fab.

"I hope to work with you again. Be respectful of 'the process.'


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