Saturday, February 26, 2005

Paris Hack Lagniappe


Engadget writes about the hack heard round the world:

"We�re still not exactly sure how Paris Hilton�s Sidekick got hacked, but we just got word from a very trusted source who was able to get us some inside dirt about what was going on. Turns out that someone had been calling Paris on her Sidekick for a couple of months, telling her that something bad was going to happen to her and threatening to mess her up (remember how she had complained back in January that someone was reading her email?). Then last week while she was at Disney World (seriously!) she got one last phone call from the hacker telling her that today was going to be the day something finally happened to her (our source says he said something along the lines of 'It�s gonna happen now.'). A few hours later she started getting tons of phone calls from all sorts of random people (care to guess what�d happened?), at which point she freaked out and flew home on her private jet. Harsh."

Paris has a private jet? Anyway, Jason Calacanis blogged on February 21, "Well, I just got back from the All-Star Game where I was hanging out with Mark Cuban. He told me his phone started going crazy at midnight last night when the news story broke (his number was in her Sidekick) ... He has a new number already." Which ties into this interesting piece about the fallout of Paris Hilton's T-Mobile in pro basketball, from -- of all places -- Infoworld:

"The hacking and/or information theft from Paris Hilton's sidekick nearly halted a last-minute trade among NBA teams, this intrepid reporter has learned.

"How did I learn this? By listening to early morning sports talk radio. Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban, on the radio (KTCK 1310AM to be specific) defending the trade of Alan Henderson and Calvin Booth to the Milwaukee Bucks for Keith Van Horn, said he was nearly out of the loop on the trade because he had to get a new phone number because his phone number was among those found in the hotel heiress' cell phone.

"If Van Horn stiffs with the Mavericks, as many fans suspect, they may wish Cuban didn't get a new phone. Cuban said he received an amazing number of phone calls once the numbers were published."

So, like, the Paris hack story is reverberating in the world of professional sports? When will this end? When will we -- as a sage man once asked -- be over Paris Hilton?

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slyboots2 said...

Hmmm the plot thickens. My spouse- who is marginally interested in all of this- swears that someone hacked into the servers and the FBI had an agent compromised- that it's bigger than Paris. As if.