Saturday, February 26, 2005

Holly Robinson Peete Has Baby At Oscar Party


Former "21 Jump Street" star Holly Robinson Peete went into labor at an Oscar Party, reports those intrepid Page Sixxies. Where were "The McQuaid Brothers" (AKA Hansen and Penhall; thank you ... thank you) when Officer Judy Hoffs had need of their slow hands.

Whatever happened to "Your friends will be there when your back is to the wall?" Huh?

Whatever happened to: "You'll find you'll need us cause there's no one else to call."

The Corsair belts out loudly: "When it was hopeless a decision is what you need ... You'd better be ready to ... be ready to jump. 21 Jump ... Street"

But we digress. Ahem. According to Associated Press:

"Actress Holly Robinson Peete, pregnant with her fourth child, was partying at a pre-Oscar bash late Thursday when she went into labor.

"'One minute she's grooving, the next minute her water breaks,' said Michael Lewittes, a producer for 'Access Hollywood' who was covering the party."

Aww Michael Lewittes, too much information! And, really, Holly, doing the "Ninja Outburst" when you're in the final trimester. Can someone say "country"?

"... 'Her mother Dolores then grabbed a table cloth off one of the tables and wrapped it around her daughter,' he said. 'She sat down for a few minutes' while waiting for the paramedics to rush her to a nearby hospital.

"'She was remarkably calm,' Lewittes said."


Now that the baby is safe and all, and we wish the family the best, we have to ask, we are compelled, with only the faintest aroma of snark, we say: When ... when Mama Delores just sort of ... "grabbed the tablecloth," as the AP reports, whisking it off the table --like so -- and wrapped her baby up all snug as a bug in a rug, did ... did she disturb the drinks in the process?

The Corsair wants to know: Did the Henny get disrupted? Did the Courvoisier get swept away?

"(Holly Robinson Peete's husband), Carolina Panthers quarterback Rodney Peete, was not at the party.

"The 40-year-old actress gave birth to a boy shortly after 6 a.m. Friday and was doing 'great,' her publicist Patti Webster said.

"The couple had not named the child yet, but were looking for a name that starts with 'R,' she said. Their other children are 7-year-old fraternal twins Rodney Jr. and Ryan (a girl), and 2-year-old Robinson. "

Here are some ideas: R for Rwanda, Oscar nominated film Hotel Rwanda; R for Rock, the controversial host (and the man whose surprise party she spent the earlier half of the evening attending); R for Ray, who's lead actor will probably -- unfortunately -- win Best Actor.

Jo Piazza of the Daily News writes:

"Ironically singer Wyclef Jean was performing 'No Woman No Cry,' when Peete was rushed off the dance floor.

"So many partygoers, among them Oprah Winfrey, Samuel L. Jackson, Sean (P. Diddy) Combs and Usher, dialed 911 that three emergency vehicles from the Beverly Hills Fire Department arrived."

Definitely country. Coordinate your hysterical reactions people!

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