Thursday, February 17, 2005

AP's Pop Culture Blog

That Charlie Rose discussion on blogging this week (and The Daily Show's as well) appears to have set off big media reverberations. The AP has responded by launching "Bad Language," a pop culture blog. This development shakes us profoundly. We are moved. We are oscillating wildly at our desk as we write this. We really respected the AP, they were so wholesome and pristine, standard bearers of a journalism we both admired from afar as well as loved to harsh on. But now they are going to whore about in bra and panties just like the rest of us tarts here in the blogosphere looking for attention. A taste, but not too much:

" ... PBS is doing another one of those 'House' shows. You know, like 'Colonial House,' 'Frontier House' and 'Regency House Party' not to be confused with 'House Party,' 'House Party 2' or 'House Party 3' starring Kid and Play."

Oh, dear Lord stop, AP writer ... desist! Granted, House Party was a lamentable cultural phenomenon, a cautionary tale concerning Hollywood excess and the perils of the high "flat top (what were we all thinking?)" But the AP doing a sarcastic riff on PBS in their Hour of the Wolf? Too rich. That's kind of like watching a couple of classy dames throwing roundhouses and haymakers. But, ultimately, it is not the snark, dear AP blogger, it is the person behind it all. More of which:

".. This time, PBS is going to Bush country for 'Texas Ranch House.'"

Okay, not bad, we can go somewhere with this. Nowhere as bold as The Corsair generally rolls, but ... somewhere. We're thinking Jim Lehrer of the Newshour sporting assless chaps. The true story of Charlie Rose and The Boston Pops, picked to live in a bunkhouse and have their lives taped ... we find out what happens when people stop being urbane and sophisticated and start getting in the Jesus Way. Episode one: Charlie is informed by the cowboys round the way that it is indeed his" turn in the barrel. "

The AP blogger is here. Granted, it takes at least 20 posts to get the whole pop-culture blog down pat, but ... Someone please make him stop.


Perez Hilton said...

Vivienne Westwood and Pat Field would make such a cute couple!

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