Tuesday, December 30, 2003

What's Eating Russell Simmons?

What's Eating Russell Simmons? Or rather, what is Russell Simmons eating? Plants ... lots and lots of plants. The Corsair knows all the telltale signs.

I was editor-in-chief at MacDirectory, and reported frequently on Apple's CEO Steve Jobs.
Jobs drank so much carrot juice that at one time he appeared to be turning orange. We had to recalibrate our digital cameras, it was a fiasco (only kidding).

The hip hop herbivore is looking a little ... now I don't want to offend anybody here ... these are powerful toes I'm stepping on ... and I'm sure many of my readers are veggies as well ... Russ is looking a little anemic.

A little unhealthy.

In the "urban community," it might be phrased as: Russ doesn't look like he's packing "the rib-busting ox-strength."

Seriously, though, keeping it gangsta: could someone throw some curry oxtail in Russell's algae shake? Please?

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