Friday, December 05, 2003

Page Six Fucks With Lenny Kravitz

The intrepid folks at Page Six are making life hard for rocker Lenny Kravitz to close the deal and marry his galpal, Aussi A-List hottie Nicole Kidman. Real hard. They are really getting in his face on this story, doing somewhat back to back Lenny Watches on Wednesday and Friday.

Page Six says Lenny has told friends that he is using Nicole Kidman to boost his career. Typical playa talk (for further reference see 50 Cent). And now Page Six reports that Lenny was with another stunning woman at Shore Club's Sky Bar:

"'(Kravitz) spent a lot of time with this woman and ended up grinding on the dance floor with her,' said our spywitness. The photos ... show Kravitz eyeing the beauty like a pork chop."

The words "Kravitz" and "pork chop," when placed together in a sentence, do not augur passion, Page Six is always solid on reporting; and, besides, The Corsair likes the Page Sixers better than Lenny anyway.

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