Thursday, December 04, 2003

Vivica Fox Won't Leave 50 Cent Alone!

According to the National Enquirer, Vivika Fox will not leave bullet riddled hip hop star 50 Cent alone.

"She has called, and called, and called � trying unsuccessfully to get him on the phone so he could explain to her what happened," revealed a friend of the actress in the Enquirer.

Apparently the man named after the price of Olestra filled potato chips (elegant, no?) feels that Fox is too posessive.

Odd, though, considering that in recent interviews --where he has gone into specific sexual positions they engaged in -- he blames the break up on the premise that Fox used him to promote her hit film, Kill Bill.

Ah, well, The Corsair could have told you that a relationship between the upwardly mobile actress, Fox, and the criminally minded bullet dodger was not meant to last. Chateau D'yquem does not mix with St.Ides.

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