Saturday, December 06, 2003

Rush Limbaugh's Drug Stash: Excellence in Pill Popping

The folks at TheSmokingGun have published a voluminous list of all the drugs and their dosages that Rush had on hand, and it looks like enough to stun a rogue bull elephant. No, no amend that prescription: there are enough drugs involved in this list to stagger a sperm whale.

It appears that Limbaugh's long winded soliloquy's on will power should've contained few footnotes, say, as to the pharamceutical accompaniment to each act of will, like niacin, on lowering cholesterol, or Oxycontin if you are just getting your high on. Checkit:

"Rush Limbaugh illegally purchased hundreds of prescription pills a month and sought a quartet of doctors to fuel his drug addiction, according to search warrant applications unsealed yesterday in Palm Beach County Circuit Court. Investigators executing the searches, which took place November 25 at three offices used by Limbaugh's South Florida physicians, accused the radio personality of 'doctor shopping,' or improperly seeking out practitioners to supply him with an inordinate abundance of painkillers OxyContin, Lorcet, Norco, Hydrocodone and Kadian, the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, the cholesterol-lowering drug Niacin, and Clonodine, which treats high blood pressure."

Whew! Everything makes the Limbaugh cut but the Xanthan gum!

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