Monday, December 22, 2003

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Most Embarrassing Media Moment

The Kenyan coffee was pipin' hot as to our liking, the Sunday New York Times was sprawled underneath my feet and Howie Kurtz was interviewing the "shark-eyed" Sam Donaldson, throaty professional Presidential "advisor" David Gergen and the ever-smiley singsong Robin Wright on CNN's Reliable Sources about something called "Spider Hole Journalism."

All that we needed was Smokey to sing for everything to be good in the world ... tonight.

Anyhoo: At the end of said convocation of the Beltway Insiders, Zowie Howie relayed that he wants viewers to send in their votes for "The Most Embarrassing Media moment," which suggests that even Howie isn't immune to the charms of shadenfreude (do we get spanked for using that word?).

Of course, the winner is going to be the Camel Filter poster boyJayson Blair. But that doesn't mean that you can't accost Howie with your own picks. The email is, and he will read the most soundbytable little morsels on the show. And tell him The Corsair sent you.

For my money, Paris Hilton beating President George Bush's in depth interview with Diane Sawyer on Sadaam's capture takes the cake, or Iraqi Pomegranate Soup, if you will.

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