Thursday, December 04, 2003

Udon Noodles Made Her Bloated

TV Guide reports that It Girl and all-but-certain Best Supporting Actress for 2004, Scarlet Johansson did something deeply naughty with director Sophia Coppolla and The Corsair, your humble scribe, wishes to God he was in the room when that shit went down! Apparently there is some interesting backstory (excuse the pun) behind (again, sorry) that, um, erotic opening scene in Lost In Translation.

TV Guide's Angel Cohn writes:

"The shy thesp admits director Sofia Coppola had some convincing to do on the day they shot that one: I said, 'Sofia, I don't want to wear sheer underwear because I've just been eating a lot of [Japanese udon noodles], and I'm bloated. I just don't want to do it. Can't we just use regular underwear with my ass crack [showing]?'"

"In response, Coppola assuaged Johansson's fears about the panties by modeling them for her! 'Sofia's got such a nice figure,' Johansson says. I thought, 'Wow, if my ass is going to look like that in those underwear, get them on me.'"

And in similar but less porny news, Jeanette Walls reports that Barbara Walters admits to checking out naked women. �I like to look,� the newswoman said while discussing what she does when around nude ladies in a hot tub on The View. �They�ve got beautiful bodies.�

I always said Barbara Walters was one of the guys.

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