Tuesday, December 23, 2003

New Celebrity Mugshots

Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to be jolly than to scope out celebrities at the top of their game getting collared for a stint in the pokey! Shadenfreude! There, I said it: a day cannot pass happily without mention of that Germanic buzz word, which is now almost past it's prime. Almost.

Anyhoo: Check out Johnny Cash in a 1965 drug bust.

And here's 50 Cent awaiting felony charges for peddling crack cocaine and heroin.

Oh, here's a sweetie, Andre the Giant, awaiting arraignment for "roughing up a local tv cameraman." Oh dear sweet lord ... can you imagine the poor wretch who had to share a cell with Andre? Can you fathom a moist Oz-like scenario where a hapless convict has to do Andre's laundry? Or fluff his pillows for him? (please excuse the pun there)

But my all-time favorite is Robert Downey, Jr, inexplicably bubbly as he gets ready to serve some serious time on a drug conviction. He deserves an Oscar for this performance.

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