Friday, December 05, 2003

Nick Cage Almost Remarries Lisa Marie

Although there were some hints of a budding psychosis in Peggy Sue Got Married, it wasn't a true car wreck in slow motion until David Lynch's creepy artsy Americana horror flic Wild At Heart, where Nic Cage showed us, in full glory, his unhealthy obsession with Elvis. Nic Cage's didn't just play characters that bore a striking resemblence to Elvis Presley, Nico wanted to be Elvis Presley.

It was not until Cage married Elvis' crown jewel Lisa Marie Presley that his ambition-compulsion was fully satisfied. And with the dissolution of their Hollywood marriage, things seemed to have gone back to normal for both.

The National Enquirer reports that Nic Cage came thisclose to remarrying his sleepy eyed hottie ex-wife Presley. But then they remembered why they broke up in the first place, according to the Enquirer.

Michelle Caruso writes that in between bouts of incredibly hot sex, the two fought like cats and dogs:

"As The ENQUIRER reported, Lisa Marie has been suffering gastrointestinal problems that are aggravated by the stress of performing. When Nic learned of her anxiety, he dropped by for support.

"'In addition to being enormously sexually attracted to Lisa Marie, Nic has always had a soft spot for her,' says the source."

A "soft spot" is one way to put it; The Corsair sees it more as revisiting a compulsion.

Anyhoo: one thing led to another, and the flames of l'amour were once again crackling.

Alas, it was not to be. Nic likes to party in LA and N'Orleans, the article says. And then there is that longstanding crush on Angelina Jolie, who wore that red dress that "knocked Nic's eyes out of his head," as Caruso writes. (Didn't Jolie steal Billy Bob from Laura Dern?)

The Corsair knows that actors have a fragile sense of self. Actors tend to form very close relationships with the cast of a film, only to blow them off the minute that shooting stops. Such is the plasticity of Hollywood. That having been said, it is pretty creepy that Cage has kept up this Elvis obsession for so many years.

Move on Nicky boy. Elvis was a hero to most, but he was a karate loving, B-Lister druggie who died on the bowl to The Corsair. And while you're at it, Nocko, get rid of that comic book collection.

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