Monday, December 08, 2003

Siegler Sued: Fuggedabouddit!

Meadow pinched? Hey! Whatsamatta you? Media Life Magazine reports that Soprano's troublemaker and thwarted teen singing sensation Jamie-Lynn Sigler has stepped into the proverbial Pasta Fazool.

"Sigler is facing a lawsuit from her talent agency for unpaid fees. According to Writers & Artists Group, the agency negotiated for Sigler to continue playing Meadow Soprano for the fifth and sixth seasons of the show and is therefore still owed a 10 percent commission. The agency is asking for at least $40,000 in damages."

The Corsair thinks that Paulie Walnuts and Christopher Moltisanti should go talk to those pansy-assed "writers" and "artistes" and take care of "that thing" by making them an offer they can't refuse-- ninja style!

SAG cards? I'm talkin about a 300-lb saggy goodfella with a louisville slugger.

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