Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Playahating: Joel Stein

We are going to try to hold back that green eyed monster, but it won't be easy. Joel Stein ... grrr ... the mildly witty Time Magazine humorist ... grrr ... who is in need of a robust multivitamin (oh, that felt so much better) scored a sitcom pilot deal with Warner Brothers. (Corsair passes out from playa hating)

At some point tonight, The Corsair will have too many Cutty Sarks and yell at anyone within listening range that it is he who should have landed the sitcom deal.

Deborah Schoeneman writes in New York Magazine's Intelligencer:

"Time humorist Joel Stein did go to Burning Man with (Walter) Isaacson, and we only mildly hate him for it ... Warner Bros. Television recently purchased a sitcom pilot from Stein, about 'a young guy without much journalism experience who gets hired by a really serious newsmagazine' (who could that possibly be?), and sold it to ABC."

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