Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Justin Timberlake and N Sinc: Racists?!

Say what you will about NSync, that they were a sucky boy band, that Joey Fatone got busy with older woman Kathy Griffith, or even that they are a Backstreet rip off. Accroding to that significant cultural artifact The National Enquirer, former NSync band manager Ibrahim Duarte is accusing Justin Timberlake, among other band members of using the n-word in a way that does not bespeak of brotherhood and friendship.

Tom DiNardo writes:

"Ibrahim Duarte filed a $10 million lawsuit November 25 in New York Supreme Court, saying he was fired without warning in 2000 -- after suffering a constant barrage of racial remarks, incidents and humiliation."

"In one fiery confrontation, Timberlake -- now a successful solo artist -- exhibited astounding racial insensitivity, according to the complaint.

"The singer said to Mr. Duarte, 'You niggas ain't s---.'"

Duarte's attorney Douglas Wigdor told The ENQUIRER: 'Justin Timberlake used the N word to Mr. Duarte frequently.'"

Tha article goes on to say:

"What's more, the emotionally charged suit states that once during the summer of 2000, band member Lance Bass 'segregated' Duarte by placing him on a separate tour bus away from the band and other personnel."

Segregated? Come on, Ibrahim ... come on. You almost had me there. I was all set to go off on a rant about that evil Justin Timberlake and march with the Reverend Al Sharpton against him interloping in the R and B game, but then you had to pull the segregation shit and now the credibility is no percentage.
Why doesn't Ibrahim just sue for the real cause, he got his ass fired and missed out on he NSync gravy train and the subsequent Timber-lake o' cash.

Once you have understood that, the article takes a more comedic tone:

"'Duarte always traveled with the band on their bus and Mr. Bass did not ask any of the White/Caucasian employees who regularly traveled with the band to travel on the other bus . . . ,' according to the suit. "


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