Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Happy At Last? Mary J Blige Gets Married

Melancholy R & B crooner Mary J Blige jumped the proverbial broom at her home in Bergen County, N.J. Dec. 7, with non A-list guests in attendance. What can we say: Mary likes to keep it real. And we like Mary.

Of course, it is impossible to gloss over the existential side to Blige. BET writes:

"Years ago, when Mary J sang 'all I really want is to be happy' and pleaded for 'no more drama,' women everywhere sang and cried along with her. We could relate to the desire to free ourselves of the baggage we lug through life."

There is something Paris in Autumn about Mary J Blige's music and drowsy-eyed world weary persona. And who can forget the time she almost punched supermodel Veronica Webb out during an interview for Interview Magazine after Webb-- Spike Lee's former mistress -- continued to ask her insulting questions about allegedly taking etiquitte lessons to offset her ghetto mannerisms.

The Corsair wishes congratulations and hopes that this is the beginning of happier times for Blige, who deserves a few smiles.

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