Friday, December 19, 2003

I Love Trio

Regular readers of this blog know that The Corsair loves Trio Tv, the most revolutionary experiment in television is, well, in a good while. Trio is grown up snark, an eclectic mixture of insider irony at the pop culture, along with a good measure of historically significant programming thrown in for good measure.

Both Trio and this Corsair blog are young and share a similar purpose of snark and the good stuff (okay, Corsair has officially lapsed into delusions of grandeur). This is one of the reasons why their influence on the Golden Globe nominations is so interesting.

Invirtually all of the accounts on the nominees, there is a Trioesque skepticism about the importance of the Golden Globe Awards. And that infusion of skepticism wasn't there before, thanks to Trio's documentary, The Golden Globes: Hollywood's Dirty Little Secret.

Trio, like Bill Murray, for lack of a better word, rocks.

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