Thursday, December 11, 2003

Grover Is Evil

Every fairy tale has a villain. Do you remember all the hullabaloo several years ago when cultural investigators finally figured out that Bert from Sesame Street was really a passive aggressive evil puppet? Well, they forgot to mention Grover ... Grover Norquist that is. There is no way to underestimate the evil genius of Grover Norquist, Karl Rove's best friend, one of the dirtiest players in Washington, and a man who has the President of the United States on speed dial. He strides the fence on K Street like a mighty colossus, bending America and the world at large to his whimsy. Who would have thought that a man named Grover could be so dangerous?

Grover has made enemies on the left and the far right and if he weren't so powerful, he would probably be the latest celebrity criminal. Better yet: he would be a celebrity lobbyist criminal -- and no one likes lobbyists. But money and influence can sweep away scandal -- just ask the Governator; and very few people living have as much influence as that lobbyist called Grover.

Even conservatives have trouble with Grover, who, if I take the meaning of my DC emails, is becoming quite a polarizing figure on the Georgetown scene.

But the most interesting line about Grover making the rounds in DC is that he might have been the man who convinced the White House into airlifting shady Saudi nationals out of the US immediately following 9/11.

This guy is Darth Vader evil.

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