Monday, December 08, 2003

Graydon Carter: Civil Rights Leader

Mahatma Gandhi. Martin Luther King. Nelson Mandela. Susan B. Anthony. Now, we have libertarian Graydon Carter to add to that pantheon of civil rights leaders.

'Cause my favorite gossip read, Page Six, said so:

"Carter seemed surprised by his new persona as a civil-rights leader. 'I make the front page of the [International] Herald Tribune not for having written a great book or having painted a great picture or anything, but for having an ashtray in my office.'"

As an occasional inbiber in tobacco products, The Corsair tips his pirate hat to Conde Nast's resident libertarian in tribute. Man-to-man, Graydon: Conde Nasties of the world, Flame on! But, alas, I blogged too soon. Page Six continues:

"No longer. His spokeswoman said, 'There are no ashtrays.' And a source who works nearby told PAGE SIX: 'I haven't smelled smoke coming out of his office this week.' Sounds like surrender."

Oh, say it aint so Graydon; say it aint so!

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