Wednesday, December 31, 2003

And to close out the year here are our predictions for 2004.
See you same bat time same bat URL on January 2. Predictions:

Renee Zellwegger will stop sucking lemons before turning in a performance.

Michael Jackson will flee to Morocco, get a villa in Marakesh, and harass little boys unmolested by the local culture until extradited back to the US.

MTV will cancel The Real World.

Bill Murray will win Best Actor and deliver the best speech in Oscar history.

Brendan Frasier will release more bombs this year than the Iraqi resistance.

Lauryn Hill will engage in a lonely, Kierkegaardian crusade against the Roman Catholic Church.

Graydon Carter and Sophia Coppola will date.

Ashton Kutcher and Leo diCaprio will get into a fistfight.

Christina Aguilera will pose nude for Playboy.

J_Lo and Ben Affleck will get married after their film Jersey Girl crosses the $100 million mark.

John Stewart will be tapped to replace David Letterman at the expiration of his contract.

Page Six's Richard Johnson will host a weekly pop culture roundtable on Fox News Channel.

VH1 will give Mo Rocca a Late Night talk show.

John Edwards will win the South Carolina Democratic primary making him the Anyone-but-Dean candidate that Terry McAuliffe and the Clintonistas will rally around.

Dick Cheney will leave the ticket due to "heart concerns" opening it up for fellow Yalie George Pataki. Pataki will back Rudy for Governor of New York and the Dems may lose New York and another shot at the White House.

Jayson Blair will be tapped to write a cover Michael Jackson interview for Vanity Fair.

Bill Clinton will finally accept a $50 million a year deal to host an Oprah-like talk show with world leaders, CEOs, journos and religious figures as guests for CBS.


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