Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Governor Pataki Knows Way too much about LOTR

Everyman New York Governor George Pataki, Our Hungarian hero, Our fearless leader ... knows more about Lord of the Rings than I am comfortable with as his constituent. Way more. How much more? Let the Governor tell us in his own words: who do you love?

"The one I love is Samwise Gamgee [played by Sean Astin]," Pataki told Rush and Molloy. "Gamgee's the understated guy, the gardener that nobody ever expects to amount to anything, who every step of the way provides the moral courage and strength that allows Frodo's mission to be successful. He's a great figure in literature."

(The Corsair whistles to try to cover up the uncomfortable silence. Then he shuffles pebbles with his feet. That doesn't work either. Then he just moves on to another blog without further comment.)

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