Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Eminem and the Secret Service

My friends at Moneyjungle.org are taking on the Eminem contretemps, lock stock and smoking barrel, so you better recognize! The Corsair has largely avoided the issue on the grounds that any man who would threaten to kill the mother of his children and engage in a very public and very ugly lawsuit against his mom, would feel no hindrance in hunting down a lowly blogger like a New Jersey black bear. And our philosophy is very pro-life, namely my own. I'm too cute to die.

Anyhoo: Moneyjungle says:

"The thing is, I don?t think Eminem is the problem. I don?t even think it?s rap music. I think it?s a much larger problem. I think it is the ?urban? agenda - a close ally of the ol?homosexual agenda in the battle for our hearts and minds? it?s ruining our country. I mean, first Bob Marley shoots the sheriff. Then Ice-T is telling kids to kill cops and now they have set their sites on the president. And we?re at war.

"Does Eminem have no shame?"

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