Saturday, December 06, 2003

Secret Witness Saw Jacko Abuse Boy

The National Enquirer, which has ironically become the clearinghouse for accurate and timely information on all things pertaining to celebrity criminality, once again scoops the competition, which often on the subject comes across as sloppy. Then again, Enquirer gossips have been at this game, hiding in the bushes, peeling through trash, flashbulbs at the ready, for some time and have something to prove: they want to clean the clocks of the real reporters -- you know, those George Polk Award winning, Chardonnay sipping snobs.

Anyhoo: The Enquirer reports that a secret witness has come forward with testimony that may put Michael Jackson behind bars. According to the website:

"The secret witness was in Michael's bedroom with the singer and his alleged victim, and has told authorities he saw Jackson sexually abuse the boy, according to a source close to the case.

"The issue that goes on sale Friday details the witness' encounter with Jackson, reveals that the star tried to send the boy and his family out of the country for good"

How do they get this information? The Corsair guesses very substantial tip fees.

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