Monday, December 08, 2003

Hillary on Stephanopoulos?!

Fresh from visiting war torn Afghanistan and Iraq, Senator Hillary Clinton visited hostile territory in the form of George Stephanopouols' failing ABC Sunday chat show.

Sunday morning after the snowstorm: The Corsair is channel surfing and nearly pours his Kenyan blend coffee all over himself when he spies, on ABC, George Stephanopoulos interviewing Hillary Clinton on his show, with George Will sitting in for cross examining honors. What the fuck?!

Is this the same George Stephanopoulos, who, in his Clinton years memoir All Too Human (All Too Ambitious), wrote luridly of The First Lady breaking down and crying during a Whitewater strategy session?

Yes, it was. And is that the same George Will that used to snidely criticize the dignity of Bill Clinton?

Yes it was.

Whatever your political background, you have to admit that Hillary -- a Scorpio, to be sure -- is racking up military cred not only on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

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