Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Elizabeth Spiers Shines

The patron saint of all good bloggers, Elizabeth Spiers gets her comeuppance in the form of a glowing New York Times profile and we can not be more happy for her.

On the history of the very cute Miss Spiers, Shaila K. Dewan writes:

"(Spiers) had a difficult time persuading her parents to let her apply to an out-of-state college, but nonetheless ended up at Duke University, where she took Arabic, wrote a paper on terrorism and considered working for the State Department or an intelligence service. 'I applied to the C.I.A. but nobody called me back,' she says."

Hey, what's up with that? First Page Six's spectacular editor Richard Johnson and now Elizabeth Spiers? If Richard and Elizabeth cannot get the scoop on our enemies, then what makes you think Valerie Plame will? Fo' shizzle.

Anyhoo: The Corsair counts as his main influences Spy, Elizabeth Spiers, Page Six, Kierkegaard's battle against the original Corsair and ... uh... well, this is not about me ... it's about Spiers.

And, in a sense it is about about all bloggers. This is the golden age of blogging -- everyone and their grandma has a blog. Recently, The Daily Candy (a semi blog) sold for between $3 and $4 million. Now Ms. Spiers gets her due. How much longer before The Gothamist gets a show on NY1? When will The Corsair get a gig on MSNBC? Or essay writing privileges at Vanity Fair?

I'm getting off track again. Any time things veer away from being about me I lose interest (I can't help it, I'm a Gemeni), so I'll say it quickly before the mood evaporates:

Congratulations Elizabeth Spiers on a well deserved moment in the sun.

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