Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Gore Comes To Harlem

Forget about Cotton, Al Gore has come to Harlem to endorse Dean! But his trip is, uhm, quixotic for two reasons:

1) Harlem is the location of the office of Bill Clinton-- the biggest cat in the jungle -- who is all but against the Dean run. Dean is the anti-Democratic candidate (read: Anti-Clinton-Terry McAuliffe , centrist DLC, moneygrubbing, poll taking, lowdown suckas). So this brings up the thorny question: why Harlem, Al? Did you really have to take it to the 'hood? So it's like that, brother?

2) Joe Lieberman, Gore's Vice Presidential pick, was completely blindsided. Actually bitchslapped is a more accurate description, but try as we might, the image of Gore bitchslapping the stately Senator from Connecticut didn't pass muster. At the very least it was bad manners, at its worst, um, it's pretty bad (The Corsair can imagine Washingtonians like socialite Sally Quinn covering her mouth and whispering into beltway insider Ben Bradlee's ear: oh no he didn't).

So, when is Lieb going to pull out? The Corsair is talking all predictions at papermag@yahoo.com. My own bet is before the end of December, and his withdrawal will be a nasty Zell Miller type affair.
We cannot wait to watch how Lieberman handles his treatment at the hands of the Democrats.

At this moment, Bill Clinton is sitting in Sylvia's in Harlem on his lunch hour, sampling the smothered pork chops, hungrily eyeing the women of 125th street contemplating his next move.

Bill Clinton's old school like that.

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